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Tennis in your pocket.™

THE TENNiS APP is professional tennis on the iPhone.

We feature detailed instruction from Bob and Mike Bryan, the #1 doubles team in the world. Bob and Mike are winners of eight Grand Slam doubles titles, including the 2010 Australian Open. You can also download content from other top touring pros!

It teaches correct technique for every shot in tennis...

And it's all interactive. You control the playback for in-depth analysis and visual reinforcement.

There is more! THE TENNiS APP gives you complete ATP and WTA rankings, as well as live tennis news.

All the Essential Shots at Your Fingertips

THE TENNiS APP gives you all the essential shots: Topspin forehand, backhand, two-handed backhand, slice forehand and backhand, approaches, volleys, half-volleys, serves, and overheads. Even a few trick shots for fun!

Break it Down

Split step, first movement, grip change, pivot, load, backswing, acceleration, contact, wrist roll, follow through, and recovery.

It's all here. THE TENNiS APP breaks down the essential components of each shot into bite-sized chunks.

Each analysis begins with a video overview of the entire stroke. The stroke is then divided into its own animation sequence, complete with looping video and key Smart Points™.

For example, the Smart Points™ for the contact phase of a stroke might be:

Head Steady. Eyes on the ball. Body stays sideways and balanced. Contact out in front.

With THE TENNiS APP, you will learn proper technique from the very players that are defining the top of the sport today.

Full Control

THE TENNiS APP's unique animation control allows you to slow down the action by adjusting playback speed. You can also pause the lesson and step frame by frame to study every detail. And our Smart Zoom™ automatically zeros in on the most important portion of the animation or photo.

Download What You Want

With THE TENNiS APP you control what you download to your iPhone. There are dozens of free lessons, hints, and Smart Points™ available, with more being added all the time.

Choose from our ever-expanding selection:
Topspin Forehand, Topspin Backhand, Two-handed Backhand, Slice Backhand, Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Two-handed Volley, Serve, Slice Approach, Two-handed Backhand Approach, Topspin Backhand Approach, Slice Forehand Approach, Topspin Forehand Approach, Grips, Backhand Half-Volley, Forehand Half-Volley, Overhead, Backhand Serve Return, Forehand Serve Return, Two-Handed Backhand Serve Return, Backhand Slice Serve Return, and some Trick Shots.

Check out Download More frequently for instant access to newly added content.

Live Scores

Don’t miss a single day of action with THE TENNiS APP live scores feature.

Follow your favorite match with the most comprehensive tennis live scores source, with results for all of the major events: ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, World Team, Qualifiers, Challengers, ITF and the Grand Slams: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Locate matches by tournament or by player. Gain instant access to live matches, matches you “star” and mark as a favorite, and easily track all matches of your favorite selected player(s).

THE TENNiS APP live scores will keep you on top of all the latest action in the tennis world.

Up-To-Date Rankings

Watch the rankings to track who is on top: ATP Singles, ATP Doubles, ATP Doubles Teams, WTA Signles, WTA Doubles, and Points Race. THE TENNiS APP rankings also include player photos so you’ll always know who’s who. You can quickly find your favorites with the ability to sort by rank, name, or country. The rankings are automatically updated when they come out each week.

Get News, Tweets, and Info

THE TENNiS APP allows you to stay up to date on the latest in tennis through moderated news, tweets, and web links. The best of tennis info is delivered to your iPhone daily.

THE TENNiS APP Speaks Lefty

If you are left-handed, you are often forced to mentally transpose instruction from that shown by typically right-handed players. Not so with THE TENNiS APP. We have the unique ability to automatically flip animations and photos to depict either right or left-handed examples.


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